Diablo Season 4

Diablo Season 4

I never thought I would really enjoy Diablo III, but I got it free with the Annual Pass for World of Warcraft back when the promotion was going on. I then purchased the expansion, Reaper of Souls, just because I really wanted the Treasure Goblin pet for WoW. I decided to give it a shot, since I did pay for it, after all.

I’ve been playing with Mike since Season 1 came out. We figured playing as seasonal characters until we have one of each class is the best way to go. It’s been surprisingly fun, though I don’t think I’d have much fun without Mike playing with me. He calls it something of a zen garden. Just go around killing hordes of monsters with crazy skills and collecting gear with sometimes silly bonuses. Endlessly increase our numbers, and set the difficulty as high or low as we want it.

Generally we’ve just been getting to level 70 to get the transmog unlocks, and we stop playing. We usually wait until the end of the season and rush through to meet the requirements, but the patch notes for the latest patch had us intrigued. Season 4, which started on Friday, has brought on some new changes that have really switched it up, and will definitely have us playing further.

First, no longer are we stuck in story mode until nearly max level. We can start with adventure mode doing bounties and exploration. This is great, because having played through the story 3 times already, I wasn’t looking forward to doing it again (and then 2 more times in future seasons…still have 2 more classes to go!). Adventure mode is just so much more relaxing and rewarding. We are also now able to do the normal Nephalem Rifts at any time, without the stones you used to require.

The new Season Journey feature is pretty great. It gives you various objectives over 4 chapters, such as reaching certain levels, upgrading your artisans, socket gems, and other things that somewhat teach you about the features of the game. This all, ultimately, is working toward a special portrait frame and pet if you finish all the chapters in the season. We are currently working on the final chapter, which takes us in to a minimum of Torment I difficulty, higher than I think I’ve done before. I suspect it won’t take us too much longer to finish up, but we won’t do much playing during the week.

Good thing there’s a 4 day weekend ahead of us! 🙂

Lilitia – Season 1 Demon Hunter
Hakate - Season 1 Wizard
Hekate – Season 2 Wizard
Zentala – Season 3 Witch Doctor
Yufeng – Season 4 Monk
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