More Wallpapers!

More Wallpapers!

New Wallpapers!
So it’s been a little while. Been pretty busy, but today I managed to get a set of a new wallpaper style up. There’s one for all classes and one for each of the 3 classes, in 4 desktop/4 mobile sizes each! Enjoy!

New Desk and Location!
Our computers had been upstairs in our third bedroom for the last year and a half, but recently we’ve been feeling it’s just way too hot up there to feel like doing ANYTHING (thanks, California). We’re also too cheap to run AC all the time. So, we decided once I got my new desk we’d move stuff around downstairs and find a way to fit.

It came in last Friday! It is a standing desk (Ergo Depot’s Jarvis Desk), with a motor to move it to whatever height I need it and with memory buttons to save my normal sitting and standing positions. I also got a PC holder which straps my tower to my desk, which is helpful so cords don’t have to stretch up and down. Now I just need a memory foam mat or something for standing, because we have hard floors. Anyway, spent most of last weekend building the desk and setting things up. Mike has the same desk, though he got it earlier (and it was HEAVY to move downstairs).


Mike will also be getting new monitors soon, at which time I’ll be able to grab one of his to match my main monitor…my secondary monitor doesn’t have the screw holes to fit on my monitor arm so it’s sitting on a stand >_< Woops. More desk space soon!

Windows 10!
As most people know, this week we saw the release of Windows 10! Unfortunately, I had a bit of trouble upgrading. The release day was a frustrating day of “Something happened” errors, and none of the supposed fixes (ex. setting all language settings to US English…they already were) worked. I decided to reformat my OS drive with a fresh Windows 8 install, THEN upgrade to Windows 10. This did the trick, though was more work than I should have had to put in. Same issue occurred on my laptop, while Mike had no issues at all doing the upgrade. Oh well…luckily I recently rebuilt my computer, so I didn’t lose much other than having to reinstall programs.

So far Windows 10 is a nice experience. It feels clean and functional. I do have a couple complaints…mainly that after so many years they still haven’t heard all the cries for a tabbed File Explorer. I’d also like more control over my start menu, being able to put programs of my own choice in the left hand area, rather than recent and most used programs (I know I can turn off recent/most used, but I still can’t add whatever I want there, so it’s a big empty space).


Okay, that’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll manage to get some more wallpapers up quicker this time, and take the time to post more. I have a lot of things I’m working on in general 🙂