New Figures, Hooray!

New Figures, Hooray!

A couple weeks ago I got my Mario Nendoroid, and kept forgetting to bring it to work. But, I finally brought him today and set him up in my nice dust-free plastic box (our office gets ridiculously dusty…big dark fibers).

Bonus Murloc solar bobblehead.


My display of game/Marvel/DC Nendoroids is complete!!!

Wait a minute…what is this…?


Ergh…okay. Majora’s Mask Link! He’s pretty cute, but I do already have a Link…I wonder if he’ll come with some masks? Oh…oh no….


Okay, well I’ve never played Fire Emblem, but that’s a pretty nice Marth figure. Hmmm…oh, God….


Dark Knight Joker?! Well alright, I’m going to have to get him. I think he can fit up there next to Batman. Yes…there’s still space. WAIT…NO, JESUS, NO!!!


WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME, GOODSMILE?! A Kirby Nendoroid! It’s a bit weird for a Nendoroid, but I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing Kirby figure. I hope he comes with lots of cute little accessories <3 WonFest didn’t bring too much to the table that I’m excited about, but I’m happy to see even more mainstream international franchises being picked up. Goodsmile and their associated companies make some amazing quality figures. Always happy to purchase from them.

One of these days I’ll have to take pictures of my home collection (or at least, some of it…need risers for most of my Nendoroids). Soon!