BlizzCon 2015 – Day 0

BlizzCon 2015 – Day 0

Gosh, it’s been almost 3 months since my last post. I’m really, really bad at this! I don’t have much of an excuse.

Recently something that kept me busy, and off the computer a whole bunch, was making earrings! I’ve taken a somewhat sudden interest in chainmaille jewelry. Hopefully will get in to it more heavily next year and maybe make some extra money off it. Will have to make a post about it sometime!

Otherwise, I’ve still been raiding with our guild regularly 2 days a week. We’ve been doing this for the past…10-11 months now? Wow! We’re currently working on Ahead of the Curve: The Black Gate. Already at 12/13 HFC which is pretty exciting, but at the same time exhausting. It will be nice to finish off this expansion having all the Ahead of the Curve achievements (and an awesome MOOSE mount)!


But what is this post really about? Oh, right. Our time at BlizzCon 2015! So actually…I started writing out this post and it’s became pretty long, so I’m just going to split it up in to multiple posts. Let’s get on with it, then!

BlizzCon was held at the Anaheim Convention Center this past Friday and Saturday. This will have been our second time going to BlizzCon, first being last year. Last year was amazing, but this year…all I can say is WOW! I wish I had taken more pictures…next year I must!

We opted to stay in a hotel Thursday night through Saturday morning, despite only living about 1.5 hours away. We stayed in the very convenient Eden Roc Inn & Suites. It is directly behind the convention center, and at a great price: less than $200 for the 2 nights! The hotel itself was pretty decent. It felt a BIT small and basic, but was nice with newly renovated rooms. It definitely works well enough for relaxing at night, and we hope to return next year!


So, on Thursday afternoon, we drove down and checked in to the hotel. We walked over to pick up our con passes. The shop was open at this point, but the wait was pretty long due to issues with their registers. They recommended coming back later to see if the issues were resolved. So, we went over to the Hilton to pick up our beautiful character badges from Noxychu. We also checked out the Con Before the Storm party briefly to pick up some awesome posters. I saw a couple of the other Badge Babes there, and wish I had stopped to check out what they had for sale.

We had planned to go to the Wowhead party, but the line was HUGE. Since we already planned to go to the BlizzCon shop that night, which we already knew would be a long line, we opted out of this extra line.

Thursday evening. The weather all weekend was wonderful!
Thursday evening. The weather all weekend was wonderful!

So, off to the shop we went. Unfortunately, the wait was still long, as the register issues hadn’t been cleared up yet. We waited in the shop line for around 2.5-3 hours. It sucked, but I can’t say it wasn’t expected (we did 3 hours last year). At least this year they opened it the day before the convention actually started, so we weren’t missing 3 hours worth of BlizzCon itself! Anyway, we had done most of our shopping in the online shop before-hand, but there were a few exclusives and extra things we hadn’t seen yet that we wanted to pick up. It was worth it, and we were prepared.

The front of the line is near! Actually there was at least another 30 minute wait...
The front of the line is near! Actually there was at least another 30 minute wait…

Unfortunately, by the time we got out of there, it was late and we still hadn’t eaten dinner. We decided to opt for pizza, and it seemed Papa Johns was the only place still delivering. We ordered a large “The Meats” pizza (basically all the meats, as it sounds), Garlic Parmesan bread sticks, and a 2L root beer. The food was delivered pretty shortly after, and, well…at least they got the root beer correct? We ended up with a sausage pizza and plain bread sticks. We called back to complain, and they said if we called back the next day they’d deliver us a free pizza. I guess at least that saved us from needing to buy dinner the next night (and gave us some leftovers for home)!

Then, it was time for some much needed sleep. Day 1 was fast approaching!