Pet Hunting on Ryadriel

Pet Hunting on Ryadriel

Pretty much right when we got home from BlizzCon, I pre-purchased Legion. This gave me instant access to my level 100 boost, so I decided to use it on my night elf hunter, who was just sitting around at level 1. Other than Warrior, now I have everything at 85 or 100 (Gotta get them all to 100 before legion)!

Since that day, I’ve been going around doing what hunters do best: hunting! Mike said hunter (or at least pet hunting) is a great class for me, because I’m stubborn enough to camp for long periods of time. I went through Petopia to find all the pets I wanted to get. I then found out I could only have 55 pets total (50 stable, 5 active). So, I then went through and cut some out. So sad ūüôĀ¬†When it came to the Spirit Beasts,¬†I decided to only get one of the 3 Porcupines, and 1 of the Tigers. I hope they add more stable slots next expansion, because I’ve already seen an awesome new Manasaber pet, and they’re adding Mechanical ones!

Anyway, let’s split this up a bit!


I started my hunt in¬†Pandaria. I went around and grabbed all the “easy” pets first, such as the pretty tigers, water striders, cranes, and goats.

I had planned to get both the green and the blue spectral porcupine, but decided to release the green one and keep Gumi. It has a special place in my heart since I helped Mike tame it in MoP.¬†Then I went to get the White Quillen. Luckily, as this was a boosted character, I hadn’t done the quests so I still had access to Yachi from¬†The Tongue of Ba-Shon. I didn’t really want to go to Mogu’shan Palace to get this model.

Next, I did the intro quests to Isle of Thunder so I could get an¬†Adolescent Direhorn. Unfortunately I didn’t realize I would need an Ancient Tome of Dinomancy. So, after picking up a purple Luminescent Crawler, I went over to Isle of Giants. After about an hour of hunting, and taming two different colored Devilsaurs, I had my Tome, and went to tame my direhorn.

Last on my list for Pandaria was Hexapos. Tracking him was interesting. Previously hunters were able to use Hunter’s Mark to make sure he didn’t disappear¬†once he stepped our of your flare. This is when I learned about¬†Glyph of Tame Beast, which makes it possible to tame him if you start right as he’s walking through. After going to buy¬†it, I had to re-find him along his path, then caught him easily.

It was a bit difficult to choose the color!
It was a bit difficult to choose the color!

After Pandaria, I went to Draenor and started up the Gara “quest”. I’m not going to rewrite how it is done. There’s this¬†great guide at Eyes of the Beast¬†that I followed. I think Gara may be one of my favorite pets, currently.

Along the way, I made sure to catch other Draenor beasties. The updated models/textures of the raptors, sporebats, and wolves are very nice, but I actually didn’t grab too much.

After getting Gara, I went for the Felbound Wolf. As someone who has almost no experience with hunters, their skills, and rotations, along with having starter gear, I had to look some things up. To get this pet, you have to do a somewhat challenging fight against Fel Rangari Anaara to get a Vial of Fel Cleansing. Pro-tips from Wowhead comments, which makes this possible on even a boosted hunter:

  1. Stand at a range, and set your pet to passive. Have pet stand out in the water, out of melee range.¬†Yes, your pet won’t be attacking, but it makes it way easier.¬†If nothing is in melee range of Anaara, she won’t cast Fel Blossom,¬†which does a ton of damage.
  2. Use A Murder of Crows instead of Stampede, since the Stampede will get in melee.
  3. Use Spirit Bond, as it should give enough passive healing to not waste time actively healing yourself. Personally, I was getting in to the 10-20% HP range but not dying. You could also take a Spirit Beast to use Spirit Mend if you’re nervous.
  4. Throw your Flare quickly when she uses Stealth.
  5. Use Tranquilizing Shot when she uses Blessing of Fallen Kings.
  6. Use Counter Shot when she is casting Tainted Light in the latter part of the fight.
  7. Don’t have anyone help you. They’ll just die.

With all that, you should be able to kill her pretty easily (though maybe not quickly…it took me about 10 minutes, but I probably did the whole damage thing wrong). Loot her and pick up your Vial, then head off to use it on a wolf. I used the ones north of Vol’Mar, near the area that’s blocked off for one of the campaign quests. There’s generally no one around there questing who could kill your wolf, wasting the Vial.

That lady's a tough cookie!
That lady’s a tough cookie!

Back to Old Content
It was time to start grabbing a few easy things in the older areas. I HAD to go get¬†The Kurken. Since I leveled my first character, a Draenei mage, I knew I would have to tame him once I had a hunter. After 5 years, it has happened! Next was another Corehound that we all know and love, Chromaggus. Mike would be ashamed if I didn’t have one, as one of his favorite pets is his Chrolizius. Then, as no hunter is complete without monkey, I went to get Gib the Banana-Hoarder, the classiest of them all. I remember back when Mike was getting some of the rare older pets a couple years back, and he actually had to wait for them because they were fairly heavily camped. I also caught various unnamed mobs, like foxes, a dragonhawk, etc. I hadn’t planned to get Norissis, but he was there as I was getting a white fox so I thought, why not? In Northrend I got a few small things, but Spirit of the North¬†deserves a special mention. I flew around looking for it, which took a while, then pulled it with Tranquilizing Shot, and Disengaged near the ground to break my fall. I died 2 times to failed/lagged Disengages, and had to find it again :p

The first pet I ever wanted <3

Those Rares, Though…
It was time for the rares. All those Spirit Beasts of Northrend, and some¬†rare Cataclysm mobs. I will just say that, for the most part, I was VERY lucky if comments across the internet are any indication. I caught my first “super rare” pet on November 15th, and as of November 24th I caught all 10 of the ones I wanted. Less than a day (on average) spent on each pet. My trick? A macro, camping the (or one of) a spawn location, and having my laptop off to the side all day at work.¬†By the way, here’s the macro!

/target MobNameHere
/stopmacro [noexists]
/cast Tame Beast
/script PlaySound("RaidWarning")
/run RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidBossEmoteFrame,"THERE HE IS!", ChatTypeInfo["RAID_WARNING"])


Terrorpene (November 15, 7:45pm)
First was Terrorpene, who I was camping for a bit, then decided to go see if Ban’thalos was up. He wasn’t so I went back over to Terrorpene. To my surprise, he had spawned in my absence, and he was still up despite having seen other hunters near¬†the area who had been looking for him. He was mine!

He blends with the environment SO much!

Deth’tilac (November 17, 4:15pm)
Next up, I decided to go grab Deth’tilac, but realized I needed to do a bunch of questing to even get to Molten Front. At level 100 I was easily able to take care of it all in one night, and went ahead and caught the red and green versions of the fire spider. The next night was raiding, and at this point I hadn’t started bringing my laptop to work with me to camp out. I did on Tuesday, though, and it showed up around 4:15pm. I started to work him down to 20% HP. Even at level 100, this thing has a lot of life, and you have to be really careful to not get too close to him, or you’re going to die. I got him to 20% and started taming. I saw him start casting Deth Strike in the middle of the tame and I was like OH GOD NO. Well, luckily the tame finished, but I died right when it did!

The only remaining rare color of this type of spider!

Ban’thalos (November 18, 10:45am)
On Wednesday¬†I started to camp for Ban’thalos. It didn’t take long to catch him. I camped for less than an hour before he spawned, around 10:45am. Like with the Spirit of the North, I died twice to failing to disengage properly. Unlike Spirit of the North, it made me WAY¬†more nervous considering the rarity of the pet and the distance from the¬†graveyard. I got him, though! Hooray!¬†Since I caught him so early, I moved on to the next on my list.

Probably the most appropriate pet, RP-wise, for my hunter. Night elves and owls mix well.

Gondria (November 18, 12:30pm-ish)
Time to head to Zul’Drak¬†for Gondria! I camped for a while in the southern most spot, then around lunch time I decided to do a quick fly around. I found her at the location just south of Zim’Torga as I was flying over and tamed her. She was really hard to see in the snow, but that’s where that handy macro comes in! I turned back toward my work PC to tell Mike the good news and…. Lunch. Pasta salad with avacado. ALL OVER THE FLOOR. And I had only taken a couple bites of it ūüôĀ I will forever remember the day I caught Gondria…

I should have known a cat was going to knock stuff off my desk…

Skoll the Big Fat Jerk (November 22, 1:20pm)
Next up, Skoll! Skoll has a whole post dedicated to my hunt, which started Wednesday. By the end, I hadn’t yet caught him. Saturday I spent most of the day farming Valor, I happy to announce that I finally did¬†on Sunday. After waking up around 6 am, I decided to fly around instead of going back to sleep. I hoped that, being early, there would be less people around. Well, there were, but then the hours passed. More and more people showed up. I decided to once again stop flying around, and camp. Back to the spot I had found TLPD the two times before. Eventually, around 1:20pm, he appeared right where I happened to be looking! And then this other hunter had just logged on right above me on some nether drake. I quickly pressed my macro and started up the tame. GOT IT. I moused over the other hunter and saw his¬†name.


Loque’nahak¬†(November 23, 3:30pm)
Monday was Loque’nahak‘s turn. Though he has several spawn locations, I camped at the far west, and used Eagle Eye to occasionally check the spot south of Nesingwary Base Camp. seeing as he had so many spawn points, and he’s so sought after, I figured it’d be another several days of camping. NOPE. Near 3:30pm, NPC scan goes off and he’s standing right next to me. Let the taming commence!

Wasn’t sure I wanted him when I made my list. But, he looks way cooler in game, so I’m glad I did!

Arcturis (November 24, 2:30am-ish)
There were still a few hours left to the day, so I went off to Grizzly Hills for Arcturis. A nice easy one-location camp, but there’s also generally 3-4 other people there. By the way, anyone notice that people seem to camp down the hill? He spawns half-way up, so I’ve never understood why people stand there. I get over there and there’s only one other hunter. I stand right on the spawn point. He walks up to me and says, “I was here first.” I mean, I get the frustration, but if every hunter had to wait in line to get this pet, it would take forever to get. If he hadn’t brought it up, I might have left it to him if it had spawned (after all, it’s easy enough for me to camp a spot while working). But at that point, in my mind, it was “let the quickest hunter win.” After an hour or so, though, he left. Some other hunters trickled in, including one who was like “I’m just here to kill it in front of all of you.” What a jerk. I didn’t have to deal with them for long, though, because I had to go home and RAIIIIIIID (more on that in a future post).

After the raid, I decided to camp more, since we finished early. When I logged back on, another hunter said he had been there an hour and hadn’t seen him. Someone said he had already been tamed a bit earlier. So I was like okay…he was tamed sometime between probably 6:30pm (when I left work) and 9¬†pm (about the time the other guy had started camping). People say he has a 6 hour spawn timer, so he should spawn between midnight and 3:00am. What started as 4 people camping, dwindled down to 2. I was nervous as I switched on to my laptop and went upstairs to shower and get ready to sleep. I even had the laptop visible from the shower. He didn’t spawn, and I was starting to contemplate if I wanted to leave my laptop running with the sound up and mouse on the spawn point, so NPCScan would alert me as I was in bed. By this point it was past 2am, so I figured he must be spawning¬†SOMETIME in the next hour. I went to finish getting ready for bed, while Mike kept an eye on the laptop. Good thing he did, because the horns suddenly sounded! Thanks to Mike, Arcturis was added to my nearly complete collection!

I suppose I’ll have to name this after Mike, somehow.

Sambas (November 24, 1:30pm)
The next 3 pets were on my “I kind of want these” list. I decided to go camp Sambas in¬†Twilight Highlands, at the spot southeast of Kirthaven. I had done a few quick fly-bys on other nights, but obviously no luck. I was getting a bit impatient after camping all the¬†other pets, so I decided to try out some server hopping. No luck, and back to work. A bit later I tried some server hopping again, and ended up on Wyrmrest Accord. Turned around, and there he was!

Now I have a pet AND mount lion!

Karoma (November 24, 1:50pm)
Since I was already in Twilight Highlands, I figured I’d do a quick pass for Karoma, then check the spot near Crucible of Carnage on a few servers. I had read that this spot, and the spot east of Bloodgulch were fairly common. Once again, Wyrmrest Accord delivered. Two rare tames in the span of 20 minutes!

TBH, I like all the other Spirit Beasts way more.

Ghostcrawler (November 24, 9:45pm)
When I got home, it was time for my final hunt, Ghostcrawler. But there was one issue: as a boosted character I hadn’t been to Vashj’ir yet. So I went and did all the quests up until I had the Vashj’ir Seahorse. Onward to Abyssal Depths! I did a swim around to check my own server before switching. I tried one, no luck. Then I decided, what the heck? I had great luck on Myrmrest Accord earlier…let’s try again! Bam. Found him. 3 rares from one server in a single day…if you’re looking for rare pets yourself, maybe try Wyrmrest Accord?

Blub blub. Pinch pinch.


And so now, with Ghostcrawler, I am done. 55 of 55 pet slots filled. My final list of pets is:

Unfortunately, I’ve already seen some pets I missed that I want. I love the Axebeaks, and thing it would be funny to have a Seagull…ugh. Maybe I get rid of some duplicates…I have 3 tigers, 2 cranes, 2 water striders, 2 devilsaurs, 2 foxes, and 2 of the same type of raptor…SO TOUGH. I’ll probably just wait until more are added. They…they have to…right???


It’s been a fun adventure, and I’m glad to have it done. Of course, now I need to go be a good wife and do some hunting for Mike! Since we were on Horde when I tamed some stuff from him before, he has almost nothing on his Alliance hunter, Gefaion. But first, I’ll take a break for a while.

Thanks for reading my long, long journey!

  • Trish Hall

    Hi. Excellent write up and I’m grateful, just started leveling my hunter. Can you please tell me how to get the putple Hati? I assume it’s on of the artifact skins. Thanks bunches!

    • moosecat

      Hello and thanks! The purple Hati looking pet is actually not an artifact skin (luckily…since Artifacts are going away next expansion, and we don’t know what will happen to Hati!)

      This is a special tame from Warlords of Draenor. It’s basically a hidden questline. I used the guide located here:

      Hope this helps!

      • Trish Hall

        Definitely helps a lot! Especially since I don’t have to get to end game, etc and level some artifact or beat some challenge before BfA.
        Thank you again ūüôā