BlizzCon 2015 – Day 2

BlizzCon 2015 – Day 2

On day 2 we went to Coco’s again for breakfast, after packing up and checking out of the hotel. It was a little later in the morning, and it was quite a bit busier, but once we got seated the service was just fine. This time I got some type of corned beef hash breakfast, which was really good! Will have to keep that in mind.

Over to the convention we go to get situated at the Main Stage. We planned a fairly long day at the main stage, as there were 4 panels we planned to stick around for. Luckily, we got an awesome seat right up front to the left of the stage. At first we were one section over, and happened to end up next to Noxychu, Glaragorn, and Nerdacide. This was convenient, because I needed to pick up a pin from Noxy. Then, Nerd handed me a couple Pepe stickers! <3 Pepe! Part way through the first panel we moved over, though, as some even better seats opened up.


World of Overwatch Panel
The first panel of the day was another Overwatch panel. In this panel they covered some of the lore of the various areas in the game, along with some information about character teasers (ex. Roadhog being on newspapers on the ground before he was announced, or D.Va posters). They mentioned that you may see some teasers about other content in the game as well. Will be fun to look out for!

The panel overall was pretty light on content, but they did announce some exciting news! due to the type of game it is, a lot of the storytelling will be done outside of the game. They’ve announced Graphic Novels, comic shorts online, and more cinematic storytelling like the trailer in the form of animated shorts! They showed us an awesome preview, and I can’t wait to see the full thing! At this point I just had one question, though…does Winston eat peanut butter with his bananas? Or are they a separate thing? This is a really important question, people!

The Q&A led to some interesting mentions. I’m glad to hear there will be a source book with character information coming in the collector’s edition. Books with games are always great (the one for Legacy of the Void looks awesome, so I have no doubt they’ll do a great job with this one as well).

There was also a mention of an unofficial idea of a map called Blizzneyland. This needs to happen, no matter what the name is. Since Overwatch takes place in a future Earth, it makes sense for Blizzard to have existed. After all, apparently D.Va has played Starcraft 6! A theme park map with Blizzard related attractions would be great! Darkmoon Faire, please! Would be fun to hide in the empty tents (though I’d hope by that time DMF has expanded to fill those tents :p).

Some of the awesome statues around the convention.
Some of the awesome statues around the convention: Tracer, Winston, Dwarf, and Grommash.

Legion Systems Panel
The panel I’d been most excited about…learning about the new systems in Legion! This panel did not disappoint. In fact, it has made me ever more excited for what’s to come in Legion. I’ll still be cautious with my optimism, though. Who knows what could happen by release?

  • Artifact Weapons: Sounding really awesome! I’ll be honest, I’m not disappointed at all in the fact we’ll have one weapon throughout the expansion. I think it’s a neat idea, and something to work on building up. It’s a huge expansion to the upgradable legendary ring we got in WoD. To be honest it’s probably an insult I’m even comparing it to that :p I look forward to seeing all the different colors available on the weapons, and finding out how to unlock all the skins (even if I’m not SUPER fond of the resto staff)! Also, they gave some previews of the artifact traits on the staff for Affliction Warlock. I haven’t really played a warlock…but this makes me want to! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Druids! Only issue I have with artifact weapons is that I am concerned for their “one expansion only” use. If I go through the trouble to level up my weapon and unlock a bunch of appearances, I hope I can at least use those appearances as transmog in later expansions! That would be such a waste of so many awesome models (and the ONLY weapon models of Legion)!
  • Class Order Halls: I can’t say I dislike the idea of order halls, but so far they haven’t gotten me quite excited for them yet. I’m not sure why. Everything in them sounds pretty great: class champions, a special shrine for doing stuff to your artifact, class quests, and the “Death Gate” style ability to teleport to/from the area. I’m also very happy to see druids not stuck in Moonglade, and instead in a beautiful area within the new zones. Much appreciated. Moonglade is too…green and glowy and nothing else.
  • Demon Hunters: Of course, who isn’t excited for Demon Hunters? But not a whole lot extra was revealed here that hadn’t already been revealed. There was some new footage about previously announced abilities, which was cool. There’s also a glide ability I hadn’t seen before. Loving the mobility of Demon Hunters, and can’t wait to test it out! I wonder if double jump will have any part in raiding…perhaps ability to jump over fire?
  • Class Changes: The class changes are pretty heavy. Over the past few days now they’ve had blogs dedicated to each class. Instead of writing my reactions here, I’ll probably write a post about it later. But, overall, I’d say the changes are great, though I am a bit sad about some of the resource changes/removals that made certain classes feel more unique. For Talents, I’m really looking forward to seeing what we have access to. I love the idea of having more passive talents available for when we want to be a bit lazier, but with the ability to add complexity or change up our rotations if we wish. I also like the plan for less “themed” rows, like a CC row. I’d love each row to actually have something useful to me, and as a healer, abilities like typhoon, ursol’s vortex, etc., had very limited uses. And finally, more spec specific talents, rather than sharing across the whole class. Great!
  • Professions: My reaction here is that I have to see it implemented.
    • I love that there’s going to be profession quest lines where you’ll learn things over time, instead of logging in, creating a daily item, and buying recipes with it.
    • This one, I think they heard me talking in the audience and whipped it up real quick and put it up on screen: the double wide profession window! Well, there goes another add-on to the graveyard!
    • Gathering nodes are now shared! WOOOO, finally! I will no longer feel like a guilty druid when I swoop down near someone and take an herb!
    • As my druid is a scribe, I’m happy to hear glyphs are changing. In WoD, I kind of regretted having inscription. All the glyphs were so cheap to buy off the AH anyway, which meant it didn’t feel worth it for making money, and I never really felt the need to learn the glyphs because I could buy them cheap. With minor glyphs becoming consumable and removing the 3 glyph restriction, I think there’s some room for money making here, especially if they make some awesome cosmetic glyph recipes that are rare! Also, Vantus runes sound pretty interesting. It may make me a bit more interested in raiding next expansion if we can get a boost on a boss we’re stuck on!
    • Archaeology sounds more exciting. I LOVE exploration, but have felt that archaeology has kind of lacked that aspect a bit. I hope we can get something more than fly around to dig sites to press buttons. I’d love if it became more tied in with the treasures we find! Can we get Lorewalker Cho up in here to tell us some stories from the artifacts? I love that guy.
  • Itemization: Things started to really get exciting here. Legendary world drops sound great! And the examples they showed? Very cool! Check out Vermuund’s Beads of Great Convergence. This is going to be AMAAAAAAZING for a resto druid! It definitely lives up to the name Legendary. These things remind me of Diablo…and that is a HUGE plus! The fact that finding these won’t be 100% RNG is also a plus. Being able to target specific ones will be helpful (though they gave no information on how this will work, yet). I like that all item drops in the world can now be powered-up versions of themselves, and am very excited that personal loot can now be traded if you already have the item or something better. This has definitely been needed, and I feel it will make personal loot a much more viable option.
  • T-T-T-TRANSMOG!!!!!: It may sound a bit silly…but this is one of the big things I was hoping to hear about at BlizzCon. I knew a 2.0 system was incoming, but they hadn’t really let out any details yet. Well, they did…and they EXCEEDED my expectations, and hit almost EVERYTHING I wanted to see in a transmog system!
    • Unlock appearances like Diablo, so you don’t have to keep the item? Check!
    • Account wide transmog system? Check! (No 100% confirmation, but I sure hope this means I can use my mage CM gear on my Alliance mage now!)
    • Outfits that you can easily switch between, and save per spec? Check!
    • Stamp-book style collection system to see what I have and don’t have? Check!

    As for the things they exceeded with…

    • Items you previously earned from quests and have since gotten rid of (and even the ones you DIDN’T select from those quests) will become available to you. WHOAAAAAA.
    • Shoulders can be hidden! Hooray! No more silly bulky shoulders on my monks to hinder their blows, and a pretty shoulderless look for my mages! (Also, shoulders are stupid huge on female gnomes, so happy to hide them.)
    • Weapon enchants! Glad to see the feature from the enchanter’s hut expanded, with previews!
    • Shirts! I don’t generally wear the shirts under my armor, but that’s pretty cool!
    • Tabards! I have to wonder, though, if it’s only the physical appearance of the tabard that gets used, or if the entire functionality of tabbards is now in this system. i.e. You no longer “wear” a physical tabard item, and you just “transmog” it to get the appearance and reputation benefits. I hope this is the case, otherwise I’ll still have to carry them around for rep until I’m done with them (now, if only rep was account wide!).

    Things I’m still waiting on?

    • Transmogging legendaries. I WANT a reason to go back and grind the many many weeks to get the legendaries. That grind, whether the devs like it or not, is content and something extra to do. But right now they have no use to me, so I have yet to complete any legendaries besides MoP/WoD. The devs mentioned they didn’t want to “do that” to players. They don’t think it’s fair to have them grind that long just to fill out their transmog collection. Here’s an idea: don’t show the legendary weapons in the transmog window as items you don’t have…just show them once you have them! Kind of like the Garrosh Heirlooms you can no longer get. That way, your collection doesn’t feel “incomplete” if you don’t have those items. I think if people work hard to do the grind, or get super lucky to get the legendaries quick, they should be able to show them off more than just having and equipping the item. After all, many of us have gone every week for years to get Ashes of Al’ar. Or all the people who have waited 8 years to get The Horseman’s Reins and STILL don’t have it (For me? It’s been 5 years.). They basically feel like legendary mounts.


Warcraft Q&A
We had planned to stay for this panel, and the Heroes of the Storm one afterwards, but we decided to go home. the Systems panel was such a high note, and we were fairly tired. It was time to say goodbye to BlizzCon for the year. But, on the way home I did read the Q&A on my phone, and did have some reactions:

  • Sub Races: While I like the idea of being able to play sub races, the team brought up a good point. They said they’d like to do it, but the question is how they will do it. After all, currently all starting quests assume you are a certain type of that race. i.e. Darkspear trolls are specifically jungle trolls. The Dark Iron Dwarves wouldn’t be starting up with normal Dwarves, would they? It just wouldn’t feel right. I hope they do expand the race availability in the future, but it is going to need to be more than a character creation thing. Mike mentioned they could do something where you start as a normal Dwarf, and then later you can change in to a Dark Iron Dwarf through something in Caverns of Time (ex. you can go back in time and change your ancestry).
  • Shared Tap System: All for this. I love seeing other people out in the world, but not if they’re taking all the mobs I need!
  • Guild Housing/Quests: I could write a whole post about what I’d like to see for guilds (I might just). For now, their answer about hoping to give the ability to be in multiple guilds in the future sounds nice!
  • More character slots/server: I do wish we could have enough for one of every class on each side. Even if you could have no more than 12 per faction. I hate having my horde characters on another server! 🙁
  • Physical CE & Early Access: The answer wasn’t too clear. Did they mean that you can get the digital version now, order the Physical copy, and they’ll refund you for the digital copy later and swap your keys? I’m not getting the physical copy myself, but Mike sure is! It would be nice to get him his boost and early access to Demon Hunters!
  • Tri-Spec: I’m pretty excited about removing restrictions on spec switching. There’s specs I have yet to try because I didn’t want to make a new character for it, or override my current specs! This will let me get a feel for all before deciding main spec on my alts (or possibly, even finding a new main…#hahyeahrightrestodruid4life)!
  • Catch up mechanics for alts, like rep grinds: Personally I’d rather rep just be account-wide, even if you have to earn all the rep on one character. Once you’re exalted on one, you’re exalted on all, kind of like achievements. In any case, their answer here wasn’t all that satisfying. I hope they take a SERIOUS look at alts, because I love alts but recently they’ve felt punishing to play, especially with tourist mode/snoozefest LFR in WoD.


Now that’ I’ve wrapped up the daily summaries, tomorrow I’ll have a post taking a look at the goodies we got for/from BlizzCon! We got LOTS of stuff (ow the wallet)!