BlizzCon 2015 – Many Goodies!

BlizzCon 2015 – Many Goodies!

As with any convention, BlizzCon has many goodies to be had. Some we purchased for use at the convention, some free gifts while there, and lots of stuff to buy! Here’s our haul for 2015!

BlizzCon Goody Bag
The free gifts this year were pretty awesome! The bag itself was a pretty nice messenger bag. A great place to put the Blizzard pin collection, as seen in the Day 1 post. I was also very happy they decided to give the Murkidan pin out in all the bags this year, instead of needing to buy it at the shop (and then promptly selling out)!

Our Heroes of the Storm Mystery Minis ended up being Tyrael and Kerrigan. We later purchased 3 more that came yesterday, and ended up with 2 variations of Raynor and a Stitches (yayyy Stitches!).

I was actually pretty pleased with the Hearthstone luggage tag. They’re cute, and luggage tags aren’t cheap (considering what they are). It’ll be nice to have some pretty unique ones.

The other items were just okay. Not sure what to do with the emblem. They key chain ended up on my bag, and the blow up psi blade will probably just end up in a box somewhere 🙂


BlizzCon Shop & Gear Store Merchandise
We ended up doing much of our shopping in the online pre-sale before the convention. In fact, enough to get 3 free Gold Murkidan pins with purchase! All those plushies…ugh. We actually had to catch up on quite a few plushies, so it wasn’t strictly BlizzCon stuff. Plushies, Pins, the Treasure Goblin bank, and the BlizzCon 2015 key art shirt.

We bought enough pins for a full set of 10. We originally ended up with 2 Demon Hunters, 2 Winston, 2 Thrall, 2 Deathwing, 1 Golden Alexstrasza, and 1 Golden Jaina. We’re not all that wild about the gold pins in general, but we did end up keeping them. Luckily with our two duplicates from last year, we had just enough regular pins to trade for the rest of series 2.

At the show, we ended up purchasing more of the clothing items, along with some other fun stuff we hadn’t seen before. Mike got the Overwatch jacket, and I got the Alliance and Horde tanktops. I was so glad they had a fitting area this year, otherwise I would have ended up with too-large shirts!

Also in our bag was the Cute But Deadly lanyard and pin set, Starcraft Pylon USB charger, imported solar-powered Lucky Cinder Kitten, a heat-changing Diablo III mug, and a Cute But Deadly vinyl figure (which ended up as Arthas). We also got the con-exclusive Cute But Deadly Murloc Egg Backpack and Demonic Tyrael Pop figure. With all this, we managed to end up with 3 free oversized Hearthstone bags (they ran out of gold Murkidan pins).

After we got home, we ordered even more stuff! We decided after seeing them in person to buy the Alliance and Horde blankets (a bit sad they are dry clean, though). We also each got the Overwatch  track jacket, and Mike got the Bastion shirt.

Yes, overall everything was expensive, but we love it all! Everything is such high quality and well worth the investment (it’s basically our Christmas)!

gear_shirts2 plushies


Character Badges & Flair
I’d  like to take a moment to talk about our character badges and other flair purchased to wear to BlizzCon. As I mentioned above, we each got a badge from Noxychu, but we also each got one from a super awesome but lesser-known artist who goes by Tsepish! She’s seriously great, and I hope we can meet next year at the con!

My Badges: Night Elf Druid by Noxy (left), and Troll Druid by Tsepish (right).
Mike’s badges: Troll Hunter by Tsepish (left), and Draenei Shaman by Noxy (right).

Also pictured are cute little bottle charms filled with glitter for our class colors! These were made by DigisGems on Etsy, and normally come as cute necklaces! Definitely recommend these, as they’re great additions to the badges! Barely visible in this image is a rainbow chainmaille lanyard made by LinkedByBlood.

Anyway, I think both artists did an amazing job portraying our characters, and it has made me want to support more artists next year. I’d love to get character portraits from others, such as Faebelina and Frenone, just to name a couple! It’s going to be tough to decide if I want them to all draw a single character in their style, or split it up between my favorite characters…it’s also going to be difficult to display all the badges! I’ll figure something out 🙂


I also had a BUNCH of pins on my backpack by various artists: Tsepish, Noxychu, Faebelina, and Fyreuni! Of course, there’s some Edda and Asda ones on there too. How could I resist? 🙂


Lastly, but not these pictures, I got a limited edition Chibi Murkidan charm, created by LyericWorks! So cute (and her Eeveelution charms are also adorable)! And, I wore an amazing scale bracelet from the inspiring Ketsuki!

Whew! I think that covers all the flair that I got from all the awesome artists and crafters out there!


Con Before the Storm Posters
We got some awesome small-ish posters from the Con Before the Storm party. I couldn’t resist…the art is lovely! They feel like a good size to even get framed, though I kind of want to crop off the text on the Arthas one…

Such nice artwork!!


And that’s about it for BlizzCon 2015!  Looking forward to the next year…so much happening in Blizzard’s world to look forward to before next year’s convention! Not sure how they will top this year’s convention….

And so, I leave you with this:

The cats are a bit interested in this bank... :)
The cats are a bit interested in this bank… 🙂