Ryadriel’s Skoll Hunting Adventure

Ryadriel’s Skoll Hunting Adventure

For a good portion of 3 days now, I’ve been trying to hunt Skoll in Storm Peaks to tame for my hunter. I know I can very easily get a similar wolf, Thundermaw, but it’s really just a discount Skoll. I want the pretty blue!

Because I’m at work most of the day, I can generally only camp one spot at a time. No time to fly around. I have it camping on my laptop to the side of my work PC. I opted for the spot around 30,65 since it is also close to a spawn point for the Time-Lost Proto Drake. If people online are to be believed, they said that they saw Skoll many times before they saw TLPD, so figured it was possibly a good spot to find Skoll lurking about.

I camped for half the day on Wednesday, and all of Thursday and today. Since NPCScan is fairly useless in older content due to some changes, I opted to use a macro found on Wowhead that will targets Skoll (or TLPD/Vyragosa), and do a raid warning sound/message.

So, my strategy is basically press the hot key randomly as I’m working. Around 12:40pm on Thursday: “DONK!” I look over to see I have not targetted Skoll 🙁 But I DID target the Time-Lost Proto Dragon! HOLY CRAP. I went in for the kill, and somehow managed to get it, despite there being campers at his actual spawn location. They didn’t come down, so they must have been AFK. Woohoo!

Call me crazy, though…I kind of really wanted Skoll. Camped for the rest of the day, and nothing.

Friday I decide to continue camping. This time I’m using Mike’s hunter to camp that spot, and set up Ryadriel at the location near Brunnhildar Village. Around 3:50 I go to press the macro: “DONK!” Look over…whoa whoa, wait. WHAT?! It’s Time-Lost Proto Drake AGAIN?! I mean this is the reason I was using Mike’s character to camp there, since I already got it, but I did not expect it to show up for me again so soon!

I quickly fly over to him, and try to spam an attack…then realize Mike doesn’t have his settings set to dismount when using a skill. CRAP. So I dismount, frantically try to attack him in mid-air, and I fall to my death. But I brought him with me! So, Mike and I are both the proud new owners of the rare Time-Lost Proto Drake!

Gefaion doesn’t have artisan riding, so I couldn’t even learn it for him yet! >_<

Continuing for the rest of the work day, I found nothing. I continued my hunt at home with a more active strategy of flying back and forth between spawn points while pressing my macro. Right over one of Skoll’s spawn points: “DONK!” I look down…HE ISN’T THERE. I look at my target. VYRAGOSAAAAAA! *shakes fist* I sigh, and am thankful that I at least needed her for the Frostbitten achievement.

I’m going to have to go to bed one of these hours, which means inevitably it will spawn overnight. Probably like 5 minutes after I log off…

I actually planned to post about all my hunting I’ve done since boosting this hunter, but I’ll save the rest for another post. This got pretty long on its own, so I split it off. Hopefully by the time I post the other, I’ll have the conclusion to this adventure!