Asda Art Book

Because the GamesCampus release of Asda 2 has come to a close as of July 15, 2015, I’ve decided to digitally release the art book in commemoration for all fans to enjoy.

The Art of Asda Story & Asda 2 is an 80-page hard cover art book made as a very limited run for the Asda 2 “Get Your Swag On” event. As the game had a lot of great art, much of which had not been seen by players, I thought this book would be something very special for the community.

I hope the few players who received the physical book have treasured it, as I worked hard to create it! Even though I have been away from Asda for some time, I still treasure my copy as it sits alongside my collection of other art books.

PDF Download Currently unavailable due to closure of

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